Custody Transfer

Custody transfer management is often inefficient, typified by cumbersome, manual processes. Intellifuel’s custody transfer solutions provide users with a wide array of alternatives that address the manual process itself, the loaded product’s unique requirements, and the mode of transport.
We offer custody transfer solutions for:

  • Bulk Liquids
  • Bulk Solids
  • BOL Reconciliation

Bulk Liquids

Intellifuel’s spectrum© solutions provide best-practice operational process automation for biofuels marketers and producers, petroleum products terminals and other bulk liquids facilities looking to automate loading operations while optimizing custody transfer.

Spectrum solutions offer the following features and benefits:

  • Unattended loading at the truck rack with certainty and documentation, resulting in better freight rates and increased control over who can load your product and when.
  • Generation of real-time signed, imaged BOL’s while simultaneously delivering eBOL data in the desired formats for supply chain participants. BOL’s are easily searched from an indexed database, saving time and money.
  • Inclusion of CofA results in a custom, one-page BOL, saving time and paper.
  • Driver validation at the preset to the level that you require, providing easy interaction with an electronic signature pad in the load completion shack or weatherproof enclosure, providing control.
  • Carrier validation at the preset, checking insurance limits and policy renewal dates, mitigating your risk exposure.
  • Remote control of the rack, allowing authorized users to toggle between Intellifuel-controlled, standby (native) and shutdown modes, providing control.

Spectrum bulk liquid solutions address the requirements of the following operations:

  • Biofuels plants and marketers
  • Transloading facilities
  • Bulk plants
  • Wholesale gasoline terminals

spectrumRF for Biofuels Plants and Marketers
spectrumRF affords you complete control over the loading of every truck, railcar and barge. This application provides users real-time awareness of the status of every ethanol, biodiesel, corn oil or CO2 order by plant. It automatically generates all necessary reports, providing complete transparency into order status and transactions. You may optionally integrate both plant and marketer accounting systems, as well as our Inventory Position Manager and Logistics Workbench for biofuels marketers.

Plant chemists have online access to CofA history, allowing them to more quickly create a CofA for a new batch of ethanol, rather than starting from scratch every time. CofA may be generated by tank, rack or product.

spectrumRL for Rail Yards
With spectrumRL, you will gain control over your rail yard operations. Our rail yard solution increases your productivity and profits by reducing the time between load in and load out.

Using handheld computers with onboard RFID readers, spectrumRL automates daily rail yard activities by offering railcar identification via RFID tags, digital track lists and railcar inspections, and remote loading authorizations.

spectrumRL’s benefits include:

  • Automated railcar inventory management and inspection records
  • More accurate track lists and quicker turnaround times
  • Improved maintenance tracking and remote loading authorizations
  • Minimal configuration and data entry
  • System access from the handheld or from any computer that has access to the ETS website

Reducing the manual data entry typically required to manage inbound and outbound traffic lets your team focus on their job – not the paperwork – and helps your operation run more efficiently and smoothly.

spectrumTL for Transloading Facilities
spectrumTL automates custody transfer while helping biofuels and petroleum marketers understand the arrival of full railcars and the departure of empty railcars. Our transloading solution tracks these events to make inventory reconciliation far more efficient. spectrumTL controls remote loading facilities with tank gauge interfaces and a variety of preset and gate access solutions as well.

Many transloading facilities have intermediate storage tanks. Intellifuel’s expertise in integration of wired and wireless gauging solutions allows you to embed the inventory management of bulk tanks into your controls. Proximity card driver authentication is an added control option.

spectrumBP for Bulk Plants
spectrumBP was specifically designed to significantly reduce the time your staff spends on balancing inventories, billing customers, reconciling common carrier deliveries and preventing shrink. This solution secures your facilities, stops overfills and produces real-time BOL’s with driver signatures.

Intellifuel spectrumBP solves the puzzle of bulk plant management by providing a versatile implementation of best-in-class technologies, including Toptech’s MultiLoad II, Smith’s AccuLoad III or MicroLoad, or programmable logic controller (PLC) dispenser controls.

Each alternative is configured to meet your requirements, which include Weights & Measures certified temperature correction where needed. spectrumBP incorporates a cost-effective gauging solution with alarm management that includes a high-level alarm that stops the pumps if by chance human alerts fail or are ignored. Both top-load and bottom-load solutions are available.

Bulk Solids

spectrumWS for Weigh Scale Loadout
spectrumWS was designed for marketers of biofuels co-products, wood products, aggregates, asphalt and more. As with other spectrum solutions, driver authentication and authorization methods are integrated to provide plant efficiency in custody transfer. Order management allows planning of future business.

BOL Reconciliation

BOL Recon is a true paperless solution that automatically matches BOL’s to deliveries and passes the data to billing. It minimizes data entry by everyone – from drivers to billing – and significantly reduces your time to bill.

With BOL Recon:

  • Drivers aren’t data entry clerks. They can close a load in 10 key presses or less.
  • Dispatch isn’t working in the dark. Your team has access to real-time data and knows immediately when loads close.
  • Billing isn’t entering and re-entering data. Driver payroll and billing data flows directly into your back-office system.

Achieve a quick and substantial ROI with a solution that:

  • Increases operational efficiency,
  • reduces errors, and
  • enables you to bill dealers within one hour of load closure.