Providing Solutions For The Petroleum And Biofuels Industries

Intellifuel provides fuel management and logistics solutions to the fuel supply chain. With deep roots in the petroleum industry and best-in-class technologies, we provide our customers with tools that help them scale their operations while reducing operational costs, resulting in a positive ROI on their investment.

Simply A Better Way

Intellifuel focuses on problem resolution, customer-driven solution development and superior customer service. At Intellifuel, “Simply a Better Way” is far more than a tagline—we measure all of our solutions against this standard. Our solutions provide easily-mastered web-based software, excellent customer results and a demonstrable return on investment.

Featured Solutions


Driver-Friendly Onboard Electronics

InCab was designed by fleet owners and drivers for fleet owners and drivers—in its entirety.  Paying attention to our partner’s needs, we built an in-cab solution that, until now, was unavailable in the market. Quick driver proficiency and adoption, paperless VIRs and delivery tickets, driver logs, and timekeeping tools—all in a portable solution where driver safety considerations are evident throughout. Schedule a live, online demo.  Learn More

Fuel Management

Data Capture

Automating Manual Operational Processes

Intellifuel’s fuel management solutions automate manual operational processes for petroleum marketers and fleets. We provide the hardware, software and interfaces you need to drive new efficiencies in your organization. Our unmatched expertise will help you substantially scale profit-robbing tasks like site data capture, monitoring of and settling with consigned dealers, reconciling BOL’s, monitoring environmental compliance and more.  Learn more


Terminaling Solutions

Custody Transfer

Custody Transfer And Management

Our terminaling solutions include biofuels plant terminal automation systems and stockholder, stock receipts and transfers reporting for wholesale gasoline terminals. Custody transfer automation with real-time, imaged and signed BOL’s are standard for all of our terminaling solutions, including transloading and weigh-scale applications. Learn more

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What Our Clients Are Saying!

The consignment model represents an important business class to Apache. Before Intellifuel, I had 3 full-time employees gathering site data, processing daily settlements, and reconciling our inventories at 30 sites. Today, we have 50 commissioned agents who are managed by one part-time effort. I have literally eliminated 20 man-hours per day by dep....

Faisal Akram COO Apache Oil Company

InCAB increases our productivity, but not just in the ways you might think. There are sometimes three-week stretches when I don't get a phone call. Drivers use InCAB's text messaging instead of calling. They use the dead time spent sitting in lines at the terminals to view their upcoming loads and review reports. And, because InCAB runs on an iPad(....

Scott McNeill Transportation Manager By-Lo Oil Company, Inc.

Intellifuel's Environmental Workbench has been a valuable resource for Champlain Oil Company. For years we struggled to get our operators to report in-tank monitor alarms and also to retain their leak monitoring records. With the Environmental Workbench, not only am I informed of any alarms at all our stations, but I can recover months of leak moni....

Richard Browne Technical Services Manager Champlain Oil Company

With Intellifuel’s mobile dispatching solution, I can dispatch on my iPad® from any place in the world where internet is available—while traveling on an airplane to my favorite kitesurfing spot, sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, or even from a surf shop in Barbados. By making dispatching mobile, Intellifuel’s solution not only gives me th....

Scott McNeill Transportation Manager By-Lo Oil Company, Inc.