About Us

At Intellifuel, “Simply a Better Way” is far more than a tagline—we measure all of our solutions against this standard. With deep roots in the petroleum industry and a focus on problem resolution, customer-driven solution development and superior customer service, we provide our customers with tools that help them scale their operations while reducing operational costs, resulting in a positive ROI on their investment.

Who We Serve

Intellifuel provides fuel management and logistics solutions to the fuel supply chain. Our solutions provide easily-mastered web-based software, excellent customer results, and a demonstrable return on investment.


Down steam Truck We help petroleum marketers automate the entire order life cycle—data capture, dispatch and shift planning, driver load closure via on-board computers, BOL reconciliation, and robust data integration into back-office systems. Complementing order life cycle automation is a suite of solutions for freight billing, driver payroll, complete environmental compliance services, commissioned agent settlement, and street price control.

MidstreamFuel Storage

We provide terminal automation systems, custody transfer, terminal and railcar scheduling, transloading, inventory position management, and customer/stockholder portal solutions.

Secure, Web-based Solutions

Intellifuel delivers its solutions through web-based applications that are monitored around the clock. All production services operate from professional hosting facilities. Each Intellifuel customer operates from a secured website dedicated to their company. Private branding is an option.

Our Philosophy – Efficiency Is Key

We believe that you should capture data correctly, once, and at the source.

  • Eliminate phone calls, faxes, e-mails and any other inefficient communications whenever possible.
  • Eliminate as much manual entry and reentry of data as possible.
  • Use data capture techniques that are durable—never pull data out of the field if you can push it.

The time saved in data gathering allows our customers to refine and scale processes—and realize a significant competitive advantage—without adding headcount in the home office.