consignmentWith the increasing cost of fuel, many petroleum marketers are implementing consignment relationships with individual store operators and tenants. A significant percentage of these marketers struggle with the quantity, accuracy, and timeliness of paperwork and constant doubts about their commissioned agents’ contract compliance.

Intellifuel provides a flexible solution set that manages these relationships with a minimum of effort for both parties in the relationship. You may implement the components of the solution set individually or collectively and you can customize your solution to accommodate your existing hardware and software.
We offer:

  • Point-of-Sale Data Capture
  • Automatic Tank Gauge Data Capture
  • Settlement Detail Management
  • Street Price Management
  • Shared Data Viewing

Point-of-Sale (POS) Data Capture

Intellifuel engineers its own hardware for the harsh industrial environment of a convenience store or commercial site to gather this data. These versatile devices run without operator involvement of any kind. Intellifuel supports all modern and many older POS’s and fuel consoles, with no requirement for a dedicated phone line. Intellifuel hardware automatically transmits your important data at Internet-enabled sites as well.

Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Data Capture

Consignment relationships require the capture of automatic tank gauge readings at the time of closing to ensure that the marketer is not experiencing product loss. Using the same hardware deployed for POS data capture, Intellifuel captures the gauge reading at the time of the day close as well as gauges throughout the day at the interval that best suits your inventory management needs.

Settlement Detail Management

One size does not fit all. Is your dealer agreement based on profit-sharing? Cents per gallon? What about credit card fees? Rent offsets? Car wash settlement?

Marketers vary in their approach to consignment management. Our solution flexibility allows you to implement your business process as you design it, rather than adapt to a solution that requires compromise. Our implementation team will adapt the solution to your specific business needs. We are also ready to discuss the best practices learned through popular approaches in different regions of the country.

Street Price Management

consignment2It is essential to efficiently direct your dealer how to price fuel and gather feedback that the price was changed in a timely and accurate manner. Intellifuel provides the capability for your dealer to deliver competitive price surveys to you. Integration of the OPIS Radius Report application* allows you to verify the accuracy of the data your dealer provides, and may also be used as a sole source of street information.

See for details regarding this solution.

The Intellifuel solution provides timely feedback from many POS types to confirm the street price change has been executed by your dealer. Exception reporting allows you to take corrective action when price changes are not performed.

* Description of the OPIS Radius Report is with permission of OPIS.

Shared Data Viewing

Intellifuel’s Shared Conversation approach allows you to provide a login and password to your dealers with specific permissions and subsetting of data views. This approach fosters transparency in your dealer relationship, and returns responsibility for settlement reconciliation to your dealer. Your automated process can provide read-only access to specific data elements of your consignment partnership. Your dealers benefit from shared viewing of the operational results of each day’s business, so they can understand what you plan to draft, facilitating their timely questions.

Consignment Testimonial

“The consignment model represents an important business class to Apache. Before Intellifuel, I had 3 full-time employees gathering site data, processing daily settlements, and reconciling our inventories at 30 sites. Today, we have 50 commissioned agents who are managed by one part-time effort. I have literally eliminated 20 man-hours per day by deploying Intellifuel’s affordable Consignment Director!” — Faisal Akram, COO, Apache Oil Company