Data Capture

data capture2Making the best decisions and staying ahead of constantly changing events requires reliable access to accurate and timely information. Our solutions capture ATG and POS data at the source and deliver it directly to you. Automated data capture eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual processes around activities such as inventory management, logistics, street price control, consignment settlement and environmental compliance.

If you are looking to efficiently grow your business or just get things under control, Intellifuel empowers you to grow your business while reducing the need to hire more employees. Intellifuel data capture will help you evolve to a more proactive environment, keeping your team ahead of constantly changing events.

Properly implemented data capture will reduce your in-ground inventories while eliminating unnecessary phone calls, faxes and e-mails to gather data. Competent automated data capture should not just save you money; it opens opportunities for profitable growth. At Intellifuel, we have made it our business and our core strength to make sure that your mission critical applications receive the data they need, when they need it, so you can focus on your business rather than paperwork and manual keying of data.

Intellifuel provides innovative data capture technologies specific to your business. You may implement the components of the solution set individually or collectively and you can customize your solution to accommodate your existing site hardware.

Out data capture solutions include:

  • Point-of-Sale Data Capture
  • Automatic Tank Gauge Data Capture
  • Shared Data Viewing

Point-of-Sale (POS) Data Capture

products8Capturing data at the POS level provides valuable data elements not available from pump controller data alone. Actual day close images coupled with parsing of department, credit card, POP discount and other data are readily accessible on your Intellifuel website. 

Intellifuel engineers its own hardware for the harsh industrial environment of a convenience store or commercial site to gather this data. These versatile devices run without operator involvement of any kind. Intellifuel supports all modern and many older POS’s and fuel consoles, with no requirement for a dedicated phone line. Intellifuel hardware automatically transmits your important data at Internet-enabled sites as well.

Automatic Tank Gauge Data Capture

data capture4Your goal is to gather gauge data with minimal human intervention. Intellifuel’s versatile adaptation of alternatives provides for optimal timeliness and frequency, driving better replenishment decisions. Flexible ATG data collection methods allow for broad application across your sites with non-standard hardware on a schedule that you establish.

  • Intellifuel data capture hardware, also used to gather POS data when required
  • “Pings” to dial-up modem cards
  • Integrated IP connection
  • Cellular and landline-based wireless tank gauges
  • Manual entry to web screens for sites without an ATG or through our DataBug Internet appliance for non-IP sites

Sites don’t always dispense their average, and dispatchers can make mistakes. When that occurs, you need a backup. E-mail and text alerts provide that security when you are away from your office.

Shared Data Viewing

Intellifuel’s Shared Conversation approach allows you to provide a login and password to your dealers and trading partners. Providing read-only access to specific sets of data fosters transparency in your relationships and enhances operational efficiency. You’re no longer passing data to them. You’re giving them direct access. The result is that everyone understands what everyone else is doing without picking up the phone or sending faxes and emails.