Environmental Compliance

environmentalWithout a good system and a plan for monitoring underground storage tanks, an issue can become a major repair, a red tag for delivery prohibition—or worse—a suspected or confirmed release of contamination. With more data – and the right data – operators of underground storage tanks that store petroleum-based fuels can identify a potential or minor problem before it becomes a major compliance issue.

Intellifuel’s flexible and scalable solution combines easy-to-implement hardware alternatives with alarm management and report archiving methods that highlight UST sites that require immediate or eventual attention. Be proactive, not reactive. We designed our system to be “by exception.” An easy-to-use web-based workbench helps you quickly identify failed tests, warnings, and alarms. There’s no need to sift through mountains of data to find sites that may have issues.

And we’ve made it flexible and customizable. Users can select the reports and alarms they want to monitor and only be notified of those events that are important to them.

Our environmental compliance solutions include:

  • Automatic Tank Gauge Data Capture
  • Report Collection and Archiving
  • Alarm/Warning Management
  • Custom View Management
  • Flow Rate Management

Automatic Tank Gauge Data Capture

environmental2Newer automatic tank gauges provide a variety of reports for leak detection, active alarms and histories of events. Intellifuel’s site-based hardware captures and “pushes” that data to your Intellifuel website. Reports are captured daily. Alarm conditions require greater frequency to identify and resolve problems. Alarms are inspected every minute, and distributed via e-mail or SMS text to recipients you configure.

Report Collection and Archiving

Women workingIntellifuel assembled a project team with four companies in differing states to develop our initial environmental solution, and we continue to improve it based on customer feedback. The result is a practical and efficient file system where reports are easy to retrieve with easy-to-note exception conditions. Unlike many “drill down” file management approaches, we worked with our customers to develop a month-by-month, one-click approach that makes it easy to get to the data you need without the frustration of time delays.

Alarm/Warning Management

sudden-loss-alarmAlarms are a call to action. The solution checks for alarms and warnings every minute, and when alarm conditions exist, delivers this critical data to the right individual or team based upon content. For example, a sudden loss alarm may be directed by email to your inventory manager, a low volume alarm may go to dispatch, and a leak detection alarm may go to maintenance. Flexible configuration allows you to deliver the right data to the responsible parties in your organization.

Custom View Management

Some companies delegate responsibility to area managers. If you have regional maintenance managers, Intellifuel allows you to subset your sites into meaningful groups to insure those staff members see what they need while ignoring what they do not. Further filtering allows you to select which reports are significant to specific users. Each permissioned user has a selectable list of reports, with e-mail distribution of reports to individuals without easy or constant website access.

Flow Rate Management

environmental3In some states, dispenser flow rates are important to environmental reporting. Additionally, understanding the variance of flow rates between dispensers provides transparency for which filters need replacement.
Intellifuel provides this data from certain dispenser controllers, allowing you clarity of this important data. Consumer studies indicate that reduced flow leads customers to purchase less fuel in a stop, and to avoid returning to your site if the flow rate is considered unacceptable.


“Intellifuel’s Environmental Workbench has been a valuable resource for Champlain Oil Company. For years we struggled to get our operators to report in-tank monitor alarms and also to retain their leak monitoring records. With the Environmental Workbench, not only am I informed of any alarms at all our stations, but I can recover months of leak monitoring records. That function has saved us a lot of money in citations and fines. Intellifuel also continues to enhance the program. Several of the enhancements were in response to enhancement requests we submitted to Intellifuel.” — Richard Browne, Technical Services Manager, Champlain Oil Company