Practical, driver-friendly in-cab technology. InCAB® is the solution you’ve been waiting for. An onboard electronics solution that leverages mobile technology to scale your precious driver, dispatch, maintenance, and accounting resources. You’ll enjoy operational cost savings, gain certainty regarding driver locations and activities, and improve communication between dispatch and drivers while eliminating paper from the daily order life cycle.

More efficient drivers and dispatchers mean better human resource and asset utilization, creating more profit.

A Solution Built for You

Designed by fleet owners and drivers for fleet owners and drivers—in its entirety. We gathered a large group of private fleet owners and asked them to describe their vision of a simple, practical way to gather data promptly from their drivers while making them more efficient and keeping them safe.

We listened and built the in-cab solution they always hoped for but was unavailable in the market. Quick driver proficiency and adoption and an end-to-end paperless process—all in a portable solution where driver safety considerations are evident throughout.

Reduce Costs by Losing the Paper

incab3An end-to-end paperless process reduces costs and increases efficiency in the daily order life cycle—from dispatch planning through billing—with paperless VIRs, driver logs, delivery tickets, and timekeeping tools.

Better and Safer Communication between Drivers and Dispatch

Enjoy the benefits of a well-designed message center that creates an optimal communications environment between dispatch and drivers. Keep Driver Safety Priority #1! We designed our safety-restricted, DOT-approved messaging with driver safety in mind. InCAB prevents drivers from reading and sending messages while moving.

Our two-way messaging not only improves communication and safety, but can also reduce your operating costs by eliminating cell phones from the cab.

Finally, a Solution Drivers Embrace

incab 2Drivers easily master – and even enjoy using – our InCAB app. With driver training in 30 minutes or less, our completely mobile solution allows minimal data entry without compromising results. Drivers can easily generate DOT logs, e-mailed delivery tickets, and VIRs and digitally capture BOLs and signatures. Faster driver proficiency and adoption help you retain drivers and scale your fuels operation.

Features at a Glance

Increase efficiency with a completely mobile solution for transport and tank wagon drivers that offers minimal data entry without compromising results.

  • Know tank ullage to safe height and delivered volumes immediately upon entry of pre- and post-sticks.
  • Close loads simply by entering BOL numbers with BOLRecon option.
  • Generate DOT logs, e-mailed branded delivery tickets, and VIRs quickly and easily.
  • Digitally capture BOL images and signatures.
  • Easily manage shift and order details, including terminal and destination maps with site photos.

Communicate with your drivers quickly and safely using InCAB’s two-way messaging.

  • Safe, phone-free communication between drivers and dispatch.
  • One-touch responses and messages categorized by urgency.
  • Send messages to one, several, or all drivers.
  • Off-duty drivers receive messages when they log in.
  • Change the priority of critical or time-sensitive messages.
  • Create your own one-touch messages.

Fleet TrackingFleet Tracking
GPS tracking and Google Maps™ integration enables you to track one, several, or all of your drivers.

  • Minute-by-minute GPS tracking.
  • Current and historical data.
  • Driver name, and truck and trailer numbers.
  • Location and speed.
  • Order number and current status (en route to destination, at terminal, etc).

Groups and RolesGroups and Roles
Organize drivers and sites into meaningful groups for dispatching and analysis.

  • Create unique groups for each dispatcher, organize sites and drivers by region, or build a special group for the owner who wants to pay special attention to specific sites.
  • Associate groups with user accounts to see your most important sites immediately upon login.

ReportsReports and Analytics
Analyze your operation, look for opportunities, and uncover inefficiencies with a comprehensive library of reports.

  • VIRs
  • Delivery tickets
  • Order status
  • DOT logs
  • Time management
  • Driver events
  • IFTA
  • Purchases
  • Messages
  • Driver performance metrics

Asset ManagementAsset Management
Manage and track mechanical issues and inspection records with a completely electronic solution.

  • Digital pre- and post-trip inspections via InCAB app.
  • Web-based issue tracking for documenting repairs and returning vehicle to service.

Common CarriersCommon Carriers
Enhance your brand, reduce expenses, and analyze performance.

  • Enhance your brand value and presence with customized, electronic delivery tickets.
  • Track performance with robust driver metrics.
  • Shorten your customers’ billing cycles — and your own — with real-time, electronic delivery tickets.
  • Reduce paper and courier expenses with paperless DOT logs, VIRs, BOLs, and more.


“InCAB has been a major game changer for our company. The obvious benefits of eliminating paperwork and a seamless dispatch cannot be discounted, but the unexpected benefit of how the software has attracted drivers to our company has been a pleasant surprise.” – Zach Golman, Fuel Operations Manager, QW Transport, LLC

“InCAB improves how efficiently we deliver fuel. We can track every stage of the delivery in real-time, get emailed delivery tickets as soon as the driver completes the drop, and communicate with drivers with one-touch messaging which can be a huge safety benefit. But it isn’t just about improved efficiency and faster billing. Less time on data entry and paperwork and fewer calls to the office lets drivers focus on their jobs. It makes their lives easier. Drivers also think it’s cool. They show off their iPads to other drivers at the rack. All of this helps us keep our experienced drivers and recruit new ones.” – Terry Tesch, General Manager, R. B. Stewart Petroleum Products, Inc.

“InCAB increases our productivity, but not just in the ways you might think. There are sometimes three-week stretches when I don’t get a phone call. Drivers use InCAB’s text messaging instead of calling. They use the dead time spent sitting in lines at the terminals to view their upcoming loads and review reports. And, because InCAB runs on an iPad®, drivers can also check traffic conditions and read email. We’ve found it to be an excellent solution for getting our jobs done in a highly efficient way.” – Scott McNeill, Transportation Manager, By-Lo Oil Company, Inc.