Fuel Management and Logistics

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAGet the timely and accurate information you need to make better replenishment decisions. Our data capture, fuel management, and logistics solutions give you real-time visibility into your critical fuel operations and provide you with a robust and reliable method of monitoring and managing your site inventories.

The right tools and information help your team make good decisions quickly and frees them to do the value-added work that makes your company money. When efficiency, accuracy, and productivity go up, your operating costs go down.

Whether you are looking to efficiently grow your business or just get things under control, Intellifuel empowers you to grow your business without increasing your staff.

We automate the entire order life cycle:

  • ATG data capture
  • Forecasting and dispatch
  • Shift planning
  • Driver and vehicle management
  • Load closure via on-board electronics – InCAB®
  • Freight billing and driver payroll
  • Data integration into back-office systems

Automatic Tank Gauge (ATG) Data Capture

Using the same hardware deployed for POS data capture, Intellifuel captures the gauge reading at the time of the day close as well as gauges throughout the day at the interval that best suits your inventory management needs.

  • Full line of hardware and software solutions
  • Internet-connected devices, data feeds from 3rd-party providers, file imports
  • Any device, any way

Supply Optimization and Dispatch

What should be delivered to replenish a site? When will that full load fit in the tank? When will the site be out of saleable product? Used successfully by sites selling anywhere from 20 thousand to 3 million gallons per month, our field proven Dynamic Ratios™ supply algorithm provides optimized load nominations consistent with your inventory management strategy.

Intellifuel’s forecasting and dispatch solution constantly revises these calculations through the day, allowing you to continually improve your replenishment plan. We highlight excess inventory for low-volume products and allow quick modification of inventory strategies. This ensures you achieve balanced and minimal inventories where desired.

  • Frequent readings for accurate demand forecasting. Salable inventory and ullage udated 100x/day
  • Automatically adjusts for seasonal, competitive, and other variations in sales volumes
  • Sites ranked in order of delivery need
  • Delivery volumes projected based on scheduled delivery time
  • Recalculates projected inventory and load nominations based on changes to delivery time
  • Allows management of all order types – inventory-managed and call sites – from one interface
  • Supports transport and tank wagon and includes common carrier management

“With Intellifuel’s mobile dispatching solution, I can dispatch on my iPad® from any place in the world where internet is available—while traveling on an airplane to my favorite kitesurfing spot, sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, or even from a surf shop in Barbados. By making dispatching mobile, Intellifuel’s solution not only gives me the flexibility to dispatch from anywhere, it frees up my time to attend to other business matters.” – Scott McNeill, Transportation Manager, By-Lo Oil Company, Inc.

Shift Planning and Load Tracking

Your goal is to arrange loads in a manner that optimizes drivers and trucks without compromising replenishment. Our solution lets you plan loads from a simple, drag-and-drop interface that automatically updates through the day as delivery progress is reported. With our solution, you can plan orders, schedule shifts, and track loads from a single interface.

  • Quickly see who is scheduled to work and who is on duty
  • Manage hours of service
  • Easily rearrange and reassign orders
  • View planned routes on an integrated map
  • Know at a glance the current status of a load – open, en route, or closed
  • Stay in touch with drivers using DOT-approved, two-way messaging
  • View order details and delivery tickets

Driver and Vehicle Management

Enjoy a full suite of tools for managing driver schedules and PTO, tracking driver performance (KPIs), and managing your assets.

  • Minute-by-minute GPS tracking and Google map integration
  • Performance reporting with robust driver metrics. Analyze data such as turn times, loading and drop times, and demurrage
  • Completely digital vehicle inspection reporting (DVIR)
  • Track and document vehicle issues and repairs
  • DOT logs and IFTA reporting
  • Analyze truck utilization – compare total service hours to time loaded
  • Create driver work schedules and review work history
  • Approve and track PTO

Load closure via on-board electronics – InCAB®

InCAB® is a practical, driver-friendly, tablet-based solution that efficiently links fuel transport drivers to dispatch, maintenance, and accounting.

InCAB® offers:

  • Shift/order details, including terminal and destination maps and site photo
  • Safe, phone-free communication between drivers and dispatch
  • Paperless pre- and post-trip inspection report
  • Branded emailed delivery ticket
  • Driver tracking on a map with current and historical data
  • Automatically generated e-logs for DOT compliance

Learn more about InCAB®

Freight billing and driver payroll

Expedite billing and reduce errors with our flexible and easy-to-manage freight billing solution. You’ll no longer have to manually enter data to calculate freight hauling rates, fuel surcharges, and driver pay.

We calculate your freight billing charges automatically using data generated in our Dispatch and InCAB systems and settings you configure, such as fuel surcharges, accessorial charges, freight hauling rates, and terminal-to-site mileages, and export the results to your accounting or back-office system.

  • Set charges company wide, for groups of sites, or even individual sites.
  • Organize your products in freight rate groups to apply charges and surcharges to specific products.
  • Establish basic driver pay rates based on mileage (zone pay) or hours worked.
  • Support for loyalty pay and years of driving experience.

Data integration into back-office systems

Our fuel management and logistics solutions provide reconciliation and data integration with most back-office systems. This level of integration eliminates time-consuming and error-prone manual data entry and can help reduce your billing cycle.