"The consignment model represents an important business class to Apache. Before Intellifuel, I had 3 full-time employees gathering site data, processing daily settlements, and reconciling our inventories at 30 sites. Today, we have 50 commissioned agents who are managed by one part-time effort. I have literally eliminated 20 man-hours per day by deploying Intellifuel's affordable Consignment Director!"
  -Faisal Akram, COO - Apache Oil Company
"InCAB increases our productivity, but not just in the ways you might think. There are sometimes three-week stretches when I don't get a phone call. Drivers use InCAB's text messaging instead of calling. They use the dead time spent sitting in lines at the terminals to view their upcoming loads and review reports. And, because InCAB runs on an iPad(r), drivers can also check traffic conditions and read email. We've found it to be an excellent solution for getting our jobs done in a highly efficient way."
  -Scott McNeill, Transportation Manager - By-Lo Oil Company, Inc.
"Intellifuel's Environmental Workbench has been a valuable resource for Champlain Oil Company. For years we struggled to get our operators to report in-tank monitor alarms and also to retain their leak monitoring records. With the Environmental Workbench, not only am I informed of any alarms at all our stations, but I can recover months of leak monitoring records. That function has saved us a lot of money in citations and fines. Intellifuel also continues to enhance the program. Several of the enhancements were in response to enhancement requests we submitted to Intellifuel.window."
  -Richard Browne, Technical Services Manager - Champlain Oil Company
"With Intellifuel’s mobile dispatching solution, I can dispatch on my iPad® from any place in the world where internet is available—while traveling on an airplane to my favorite kitesurfing spot, sitting on a beach in the Caribbean, or even from a surf shop in Barbados. By making dispatching mobile, Intellifuel’s solution not only gives me the flexibility to dispatch from anywhere, it frees up my time to attend to other business matters."
  -Scott McNeill, Transportation Manager - By-Lo Oil Company, Inc.
"InCAB has been a major game changer for our company. The obvious benefits of eliminating paperwork and a seamless dispatch cannot be discounted, but the unexpected benefit of how the software has attracted drivers to our company has been a pleasant surprise."
  -Zach Golman, Fuel Operations Manager - QW Transport, LLC
"For PAPCO, Price Director from Intellifuel helps simplify the inherently complicated process of pricing retail sites. By funneling multiple data streams into one efficient solution, this essential module puts all the information we need onto a single platform. Customizable features let us set-up our retail sites to our specifications and make adjustments as our sites change. After reaching pricing decisions, the system can automatically send easy-to-read notifications to our sites, yet still provides the controls we need to keep up with the street. An added bonus for PAPCO is the module's ability to integrate OPIS Radius Reports into the same pricing system that ties into our back-office database. Since 2013 Price Director has been a valuable tool that allows us to make important decisions from a single window."
  -Steven Leisten, Sales Director - Branded Fuels Division, PAPCO, Inc.
"Great company, great people, and great products. We have been with Intellifuel for many years and are very happy with the technology. It has made us much more efficient."
  -Peggy Roark, President - Petroleum Express
"InCAB improves how efficiently we deliver fuel. We can track every stage of the delivery in real-time, get emailed delivery tickets as soon as the driver completes the drop, and communicate with drivers with one-touch messaging which can be a huge safety benefit. But it isn't just about improved efficiency and faster billing. Less time on data entry and paperwork and fewer calls to the office lets drivers focus on their jobs. It makes their lives easier. Drivers also think it's cool. They show off their iPads to other drivers at the rack. All of this helps us keep our experienced drivers and recruit new ones."
  -Terry Tesch, General Manager - R. B. Stewart Petroleum Products, Inc.